Easy mode

I took part in a writing challenge in English, which was harder than I would have guessed. I was quite proud when I pasted it into WP.

It had a weird side side effect: it made writing in Swedish feel like stealing candy from a four year old (yes, I know how that feels, and it feels GREAT). I just saved and closed my current WIP after getting 3,5k words down in an hour and a half. Even if I edit out half of that in the end, it’s decent progress.

* Runs off to fridge to celebrate with a beer. Finds only old butter and a pack of yeast. *


I’m entering my first Chuck Wendig flash fiction challenge. The assignment was 1000 words, and the following ten must be in the text: funeral, captivate, deceit, brimstone, canyon, balloon, clay, disfigured, willow and atomic.

Damn you, balloon.

Oh well, here we go. Let’s call the piece “Running”, to honor mr Wendig’s newfound interest in just that. Enjoy. Continue reading