Oh, hi.

* Waving frenetically. Arm falls off. Stops waving. Starts waving frenetically with other arm. Other arm also falls off. Sighs. Smiles. Starts throwing head from side to side, frenetically. *

So yeah, this is a blog mostly directed at creating text and reading text created by others. I’m recently back in the writing game and enjoying it. I’ll try to make it a habit to write something every day, let’s see how it turns out.

I’m Johan, 40ish, and I live in Sweden. Some of the texts here will be in Swedish – feel free to web translate them if you like (and do it back again for added weirdness) – and some in English. I’ve never been one for genres, but most of what I write end up in some kind of reality-based, still fantasy-ish, style anyway, so that’s probabably just snobbery on my part.

And since you were wondering, Johan is a guy’s name. And I’m a guy.

Hope you have a good time in here. Please comment if you feel like it.

* Starts throwing head from side to side, frenetically, again. Falls over. *

See ya.



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