Outlining in a dark corner

I’m a bit into my new project, moving along one itty bity step at a time. I would like to write more consistently, but you know, life wants in on the fun.

Most of my work the past week has been night sessions starting with a blank paper and my old green mechanical pencil. From there on I’ve plotted and planned, been drawing and and writing stuff, and I’m happy to say that a structure is taking form. It’s more of a scaffold than a skeleton, and definitely not a chassi. But it’s moving along; I’m coming up with some awesome stuff, some stuff that will be awesome as soon as someone comes along and de-sucks it, and some crap.

The story dwells in the shady crevices between the bullying a-holes in school, coming of age and good old adventure. There will be no dragons, but there might be some really creepy denizens of dark places. There will be no castles, but there may be lords. There will be no male protagonist, which will be fun since I’ve never written anything significant with a female main character. There will be a nice cast with some real characters in it. There won’t be any baboons. Or will there? Perhaps I’ll throw in a manatee as well. But not a magic one, that would be silly.

I’m aiming for younger readers with this one, which feels really exciting since I remember my teen years, back in the 16th century, as a mix of I’VE GOT THIS COVERED and WHICH WAY DO I PUT THESE PANTS ON and I DON’T CARE THAT THE BUTTONS ARE ON MY BUTT, INSIDE OUT. If my feelings about this project turn out to be right, I look forward to a kickass rollercoaster of feelings, action and the occasional outburst of fantasy elements.


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