A slow beginning

Started researching some exciting stuff to go with a story that could fit for the new character I came up with a few days ago. Really looking forward to see this one grow piece by piece.

I wouldn’t mind a fairly slow process this time, it feels like it could be worth it not to force this one. To let it mature like a bottle of fine wine . Or a spot of mould in the bathroom ceiling. Time will tell what comes out of it.

For the record: some of the background material is so creepy that I sometimes have to leave the computer and go sit in the kitchen to catch my breath with all the lights on. Yeah. And I’m not one that’s usually freaked out by the dark. Not yet.

Pro multi art tip

Anyway, I was deep into some guitar playing when I came with an idea for a scene, so I rushed to the computer with the guitar still strapped on. I wrote a crude throw-up of a scene skeleton, started polishing it a bit and ended up sitting in front of the screen for half an hour. 

The pro tip?

Don’t write with a Gibson Les Paul strapped around your neck. I did and now my body has all the bad properties of cheap cardboard. Stiff, yet totally destroyable.

New team member

Out of the big purple void, a flash of inspiration just zapped me between the eyes and I came up with the best character ever. Yup, Gollum, move over.   

No, I’m not drunk. And I have no idea how to use the new character. But with the right story, this could be fun as hell.


Easy mode

I took part in a writing challenge in English, which was harder than I would have guessed. I was quite proud when I pasted it into WP.

It had a weird side side effect: it made writing in Swedish feel like stealing candy from a four year old (yes, I know how that feels, and it feels GREAT). I just saved and closed my current WIP after getting 3,5k words down in an hour and a half. Even if I edit out half of that in the end, it’s decent progress.

* Runs off to fridge to celebrate with a beer. Finds only old butter and a pack of yeast. *


I’m entering my first Chuck Wendig flash fiction challenge. The assignment was 1000 words, and the following ten must be in the text: funeral, captivate, deceit, brimstone, canyon, balloon, clay, disfigured, willow and atomic.

Damn you, balloon.

Oh well, here we go. Let’s call the piece “Running”, to honor mr Wendig’s newfound interest in just that. Enjoy. Continue reading